Emergence of Black and White

Topics: Bob Dylan, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Elvis Presley Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: April 9, 2014
In my opinion, Rock and Roll should be viewed as an emergence of black and white culture rather than an example of division. Rock and roll has influence from country, western, rhythm, blues and many other types of music and served as a large role in breaking down racial barriers. The Rock and Roll genre surfaced both black and white artist who are still respected and appreciated among listeners today. Helen Kolawole took a strong stance in her article “He wasn't my king” claiming that Elvis- and by extension the other white rock and rollers of the 1950s’ “Cloud the true picture of rock and roll.” Where I do believe that there is clear evidence of black musicians being underrated to the early rock and rollers, I believe that it is due to cultural segregation in the time period. Fifty years have passed since the emergence of Rock and Roll and I believe that blacks have just as much recognition in the rock and roll genre as whites. The idea, and rock and roll music itself, existed before the emergence of Elvis Presley. He was simply the one of the first people to make it famous worldwide. It is still debated when the first rock and roll song was produced but it is known that white artists reflected their music from black culture. As the music got airplay, it became appealing to all audiences, and artists such as Chuck Berry and Little Richard also went mainstream alongside Elvis. Chuck Berry enjoyed his greatest success in the 1950s, scoring his biggest rock and roll hit in 1958 with "Sweet Little Sixteen," and Little Richard with his top hit "Lucille.” One early Rock and Roll artist, Bob Dylan was an American folk singer, songwriter, poet, and social activist serves as a vital influence on many of rock and roll's biggest stars, including Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Patti Smith, and Green Day.Today when we look at the influences of this genre we are quick to point out names of both races, and if it weren't for artist like Little...
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