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EMC Corporation is engaged in designing, manufacturing, marketing, and supporting a range of storage platforms and software offerings, as well as related services to store, manage, protect, and share electronic information. The company also provides specialized virtual infrastructure and information centric security solutions. EMC operates through more than 400 sales offices in 86 countries across the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and Asia Pacific. The company manages its business in two broad categories: EMC information infrastructure and VMware virtual infrastructure. EMC information infrastructure operates in three segments: information storage, RSA information security, and information intelligence group, while VMware virtual infrastructure operates in a single segment.

EMC’s current strategy

Currently, EMC is focused on three of the most important drivers in information technology for enterprise customers today: 1) the adoption of cloud computing to improve agility and reduce IT costs, 2) leveraging vast quantities of data to make smarter decisions and uncover new business opportunities, and 3) protecting and securing information to ensure that it is trusted.1 This focus on Cloud, Big Data and Trusted IT was rewarded in 2012 with record breaking financial performance and market share gains in core segments of their business. In a year where IT spending worldwide grew by approximately two percent, EMC consolidated revenue grew by nine percent in 2012. EMC’s ability to grow revenues approximately four times faster than IT spending last year reflects how well they are positioned in key segments of the market. EMC invested 12 percent of 2012 revenue in research and development and invested an additional 10 percent of revenues in acquisitions to keep their product portfolio on the leading edge of technology leadership. EMC is confident that their strategy and proven track record of execution will position the company to continue to thrive in the future. Even though nowadays EMC is well established as an influential leader in cloud computing, they believe that their customers want freedom of choice in their IT deployments, and they propose an architecture that offers flexibility and openness. This customer-focused marketing is clearly being reflected in the revenue figures.

The company’s product and service offering

EMC offers a wide range of data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics, cloud computing and other products and services that enable businesses to store, manage, protect, and analyse data.

Back-up and archive
Big Data
Infraestructure Mgmt

EMC Atmos
Data Domain Systems
EMC Isilon
RSA Silver Tail

EMC Isilon
Data Protection Suite
Pivotal One
RSA Data Loss Prevention
Unified Infrastructure Manager

Symmetri VMAX

Table 1. EMC’s Products 2013

Consulting Services
Managed Services
IT Services
Training and Certification
Application Services
Managed Availability
RSA Security Services
EMC Education, Training, and Certification
Business Strategy
Remote Managed Services
Virtual Data Centre Services
Open Curriculum-Based Training and Certification
Industry Consulting
Residency Services
Information Protection Services
EMC Technology-Specific Learning Paths
Private Cloud&Virtualization Consulting
Storage Managed Services
Enterprise Content Management Services
EMC Proven Professional Program
Table 2. EMC’s Services 2013

The strengths and weakness of the company

Worldwide external disk storage systems factory revenues posted a year-over-year decline of -0.8%, totalling just over $5.9 billion, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker. For the quarter, the total (internal...

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