Embryology Argument Essay

Topics: Genetics, Cell, DNA, Stem cell, Gene, Human / Pages: 2 (468 words) / Published: Aug 30th, 2016
Knowing who the audience will be when writing an article is very important. For example, the language has to be understood by the audience intended. This article on embryology is mainly for older teenagers, adults, or possibly embryologists who want to read about other scientist’s studies. The article wants opinions on what “ethical” really is when it comes to embryos. In order to contribute to and relate to this site, readers will have to have knowledge on human developments and ethicality. Since this could be a touchy topic for some, and many people have strong opinions on this topic, readers need to be able to understand what the discussion is about. To some people, just keeping an embryo alive for two weeks could be unethical, which others would highly disagree.

Purpose is very important when it comes to any paper. All pieces of writing have to have a reason to be written, and a reason to be read. In this article about embryology, the main purpose is wanting to know what others consider ethical and to tell about a recent experiment. As mentioned in the article, there are different time limits for multiple laws that could allow scientists to grow the embryo for up to 23 weeks! The embryologists were concerned on what other individuals thought would be ethical. A second purpose would be to inform others on a lab experiment that was
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This topic could easily bring up social situations and legality. Eventually those conducting the experiment are going to have to kill of the embryo. In some views, this would be killing an innocent human being. Scientists would also have to be extra careful about not breaking any laws while conducting these kinds of experiments. Community membership for this topic is everyone. Everyone has the right the express their opinion on this topic if they know about it. We are all humans and can express what we would consider a human as long as an educated opinion is

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