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Sky Is The Limit

Many of my friends that I am graduating high school with are planing on staying close to home and going to near by colleges, this is not the case for me. I want to Broaden my horizons, get away from Vermont for a while and spread my wings. I think that Embry-Riddle University would be the perfect school for me to attend. Embry-Riddle offers a high standard of education that I know will prepare me for my adult working life, and lead me to my personal success. Of all my previous career interests and ideas, there is one that has always reoccurred in my brainstorming: commercial aviation. Embry-Riddle can satisfy my hunger to learn about the field and is the key that can unlock not only my chances of achieving my career goals, but also leading a successful happy life.

My extreme interest in aviation heavily influences my career interest: a commercial airline pilot. As many people believe, you can't succeed in aviation unless you have a strong passion for it. I have always loved to fly, I can't think of one time where I have not been excited to board an airliner, even for a 12 hour flight returning from a perfect vacation in Alaska! Everything about flying appeals to my senses; the pressure sensation on my back as the aircraft barrels down the runway and lifts off, the jet engine spooling noises during takeoff, and even the distinctive jet fuel scent that fills the cabin when the turbofans are being started are just a few examples. I also love everything about an aircraft itself; the appearance, and instruments, controls and systems that successfully drive the aircraft increase my interest in airliners. All of these aspects about aviation further strengthen my desire to become a pilot. When watching aviation videos online, the sounds of the flight deck together with the sounds of the engines while the pilot lands the aircraft perfectly all combine together into one strong feeling of awe that takes over my mind. I really love everything about...
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