Embrassing Moment

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I discovered while rating myself on what my learning style is, I am a visual learner. My score for visual and auditory were very close. Once they were added up, my visual score was higher. Most of the time I would prefer to see it. I am a very responsible person. I have always been the type, to plan in advance. I believe in making the mistake on my own and learn from it. I love to read, it relaxes me. When I am in class, I prefer if the instructor explains the assignment thoroughly. During my assessment quiz, I was more of an analyzer. I rely on facts. If u don’t know if it is true, please keep it to yourself. I am a very dependable person. I respond better to people that are involved. I have been told, that I sit and watch people to figure them out. I put others before myself. I try to make sure everybody has what is needed. I am learning a lot about myself, after doing the assessment quizzes. I know I am a very organized person. Being a visual learner, we grasp skills differently than others. We tend to want people to show or demonstrate things. Some of us, are not good in remembering the lesson. If it is taught in class, we have to go over it a few times to refresh our memory. We try to be around positive people. After focusing on my style of learning. I feel that, it is time to attempt other ways of learning. For example: When I read a book, I will not read it twice. I remember the book very well. School textbooks are a different story. I have to read it a couple of times. I pay close attention to someone showing me, instead of telling me something. Through the years I have learned to find my own way instead of asking for help. I remember best with hands-on activities and trial and error. I will not ask for help, unless I feel that I just cannot do it...

References: BETHEL UNIVERSITY. (2006). College orientation experience. Boston: McGraw Hill:
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