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Brandia Harris
English 2
Essay #1
Equality stated “The only thing that can hold a man back is another man.” In my opinion I disagree with this statement. I disagree with this statement because I believe one’s success is depending on one’s self. I say this because I feel as if in order for someone to hold you down; you have to give them permission to do so. I also believe your self-confidence plays a big part as well. Also there’s motivation in it with one’s self as well. All of these play a big part in Equalities’ success. The reason I chose these three are because no one can hold you down but yourself. My family has taught me all my life never to give up. They told me to always let my haters be my motivators. So when equality got upset with them for not even giving his idea a chance, he was being degraded. He let them get him out of his character in which I wouldn’t have let happen. But since this was in the collectivist time he didn’t know any of this. When they told Equality he couldn’t be a scholar, they were aiming at his self-confidence. By them trying to lower his self-confidence that plays a big part in holding him back. It took Equality to realize his ability. It took him to believe in one’s self. When he rebelled against them he took back their permission to hold him down or per say ‘back”. So the level of authensity they went to really didn’t matter in the end. I simply say that one’s motivation plays a huge part as well. Self-motivation is how you believe in yourself. When someone tries to hold me back or down it makes me work harder. It’s makes me push myself harder. Those trying to hold me down help me to help myself. Just to show that person it didn’t work. So by equality taking back their permission, believing in his self-confidence, and motivating himself is what made him excel. Which proves “the only thing that can hold a man back is another man” is now rendered a false statement?...
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