Topics: Gender, Sex, India Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Emancipation of women
India is a developing country. Here women have been enjoying better position in society. Their presence can be felt in every walk of life. From topmost constitutional position of prime minister and president to constables and metro driver, they have marked their presence. Now women are police officers, judges, bank managers, army officers, pilots, etc. They have infiltrated into the traditionally exclusively men’s domain. They are efficiently handling banking operations, share market, space research, etc. They are holding positions of responsibility in various spheres of life. They are successful in the field of business and commerce as well. More and more women are coming out of the four walls of their houses. Literacy rates in women have witnessed a sharp rise during the post-independence era. But there is a dark side of the story as well. The rise in social and economic status of women has added to their burdens and responsibilities. They are still slaves as they have to do double duty—as employed women and as working house wives. Despite all achievements and progress, women still have to depend on male members of the family for their protection. At times they have to depend on their father. Then there are husband and again sons to protect them during different phases of their life. They don’t have freedom to take the decision of their life. In our male-dominated society, women are still regarded as inferior to men. They are paid less than their male counterpart for the same work. The differential treatment starts from the very early age or even before they come to this world. Female feticide is rampant in India particularly in northern part of the country. Declining sex ratio in north Indian states bears testimony to this fact. Various socio-economic and religious factors have also contributed to this factor. Dowry is a big challenge for Indian society. Marriage is a big issue. The situation leads to a natural desire for a male child....
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