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Informational privacy is extremely important. Your personnel emails should be private and the amount of privacy with your work email should have limits set forth by your employer. If someone has an email account and sometimes happens to them and they are not here no more should someone be able to read their emails? When Justin Ellisworth gave his life for his country, his parents tired to get access to read emails so that they can understand what was going on in his life before he gave the ultimate sacrifice to his country. Should Yahoo have given Justin Ellisworth parents access to his emails. At what point does our personnel informational privacy become something that is not private? This brings up another question: Should work emails be treated the same as personnel emails when it comes to the amount of privacy that we as individuals have?

Each and every person should be able to have their personnel information held to the highest level of privacy. When anyone is writing an email on a personnel email account, they should be to keep those emails private. No one should be able to have access to another person email account. If they do they need to get permission from the email account holder first. When we write an email, it should be something that is kept private. Writing an email is like writing in a personnel journal. I should be able to write an email to someone and think what I am writing is private and no one is going to be able to have access to it and be able to read what I write. Should Justin’s parents should have been given access to his emails is a touchy subject.

Being in the military myself I know the sacrifices that I have to make. When I write emails, I usually write about how I am feeling and what is going on in my life. It is a way for me to escape the world of deployments and release whatever it is inside. I write different things to each and every person I write emails to. I feel like sharing different information to different...
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