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Argumentative Essay
“E-mails and texting communication”
Although using e-mail, texting and social media communication is growing all over the world in different aspects of life especially in colleges and universities. However, this way of communication has many disadvantages and negative effects on students’ performance and success in workplace. Driscoll states that, e-mail communication is the best way to avoid face to face contact or emotional talk especially for shy people and girls of some cultures and regions in the world (Driscoll, 2011). Even though, face to face contact is an essential because it helps to acquire confidence and everyone has to be confident, to face workplace situations and life problems in general.

Langley suggests that, students, who have ability to use e-mails, word and excel software they have got a better chance to success in workforce and online education (Langley, 2011, par.2). This is anyway not accurate suggestion, because we need more skills to succeed in workforce than just ability to use e-mails and software. For example writing reports, good verbal communication and being confident are more important issues than other quick communication tools especially in jobs where communication with people is essential part of the career. Doctors for example, need verbal communication skills than using social media or texting because they talk with people face to face and get some feedback from their patients from the way they are talking. Moreover, “according to a Job Outlook 2011 survey conducted by National Association of Colleges and Employment (NACE), employers listed verbal communication as a key skill they seek in job candidates, but graduates’ expertise in this area is falling short” (Driscoll, 2011, par. 2). In addition to that, using computers or tablets for communication causes drop in hand-writing skills (Langley, 2011). In conclusion, to depend on software skills to get a good career is a wrong idea. Employers...
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