Topics: Form of the Good, Respect, I Decided Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: October 9, 2013
1. Prepare the introduction of an oral presentation based on your expertise. Good morning. My name is Puanisvaran Arjunen. Today

2.Write an official email to your boss on a task based on your expertise. To:
Head Accounts department
14th June 2013
Respected Sir,
Subject: Complaint about my fellow colleague Mr. Bill Mathews who works in the accounts department of this company. Sir, with great respect for this organisation and you, I wish to lodge a complaint against my colleague Mr. Kumar regarding his ignorance towards his duties and respect for the organisation. I have been noticing his behaviour in office towards other colleague and support staff for over a month and when the matter became serious, I decided to bring the issue to your notice. I hope you will look into the matter and take necessary actions. Mr. Mathews has been engaged in transferring all his duties to junior staff members who under pressure cannot say no to an employee working at a position of his seniority. Mr. Kumar has been taking advantage of this fact and has been leaving office before the day’s end on many occasions. He has a habit of disrespecting fellow hardworking colleague whenever they express their disapproval. Mr. Kumar seems to have forgotten the values and reputation of this company and thus indulges in these acts. I wish sir that you speak to Mr. Kumar on a personal level and take some kind of action against him to avoid similar events in the future. These issues go against the good will of the company and leave a negative impact on trainees and interns. Hope he gets back to good ways and lives up to his qualifications. Thanking you.

Puanisvaran Arjunen
Accounts department

3.Prepare your assignment as discussed at your report writing.
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