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Theoretical context for your research
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Describe which theory, which research studies, which preparation sessions, which offprints, this project will be based on.
Paivio's dual coding theory
Research studies: Mintzer & Snodgrass (1999); Sternberg et al. (1995)
Preparation session: 'Learning word-pairs in a controlled experiment', study week 1
Offprints: Sternberg, G., Radeborg, K. and Leif, R.H. (1995) 'The picture superiority effect in cross-modality recognition' Memory and cognition, vol.23, pp. 425-41
This project is based on the picture superiority effect and Paivio’s dual coding theory. Paivio’s dual coding theory highlights that we have different ways of storing information, either visually or/and verbally, the picture superiority effect shows that stimuli presented as pictures can be more easily remembered and recalled in comparison to stimuli presented as just words. Research hypothesis/Research question
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Enter your Research Hypothesis or Research Question as appropriate
Research Hypothesis

What is the research hyothesis that you wish to test?
The participants will be able to recall more words in Condition 3 (Words and Pictures) than the other two conditions. Conditions 1 (words) and 2 (pictures) being the least useful aid for memory recall and Condition 3 (words and pictures) being the most useful aid for memory recall. This will be a one tailed hypothesis and there will be a significant difference in the amount of words/pictures being recalled in Condition 3, this condition having significantly more than the other two conditions.
Condition 1 will be a list of 20 concrete words, Condition 2 will be 20 pictures of the concrete words (as per condition 1) and Condition 3 will show 20 of both pictures and words.
This is a one tailed hypothesis and there will be a difference between the number of items recalled depending on how they are presented - in words, pictures or words & pictures. It is expected that the recall will be

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