Elpidio Quirino

Topics: United States, Hukbalahap, Ramon Magsaysay Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Peace Campaign:

With the Communist organization here estimated to still have more than forty thousand duly registered members by March 1951, the government went on with its sustained campaign to cope with the worsening peace and order problem. The 1951 budget included the use of a residue fund for the land resettlement program in favor of the surrendered HUKS. The money helped maintain the Economic Development Corps (EDCOR), with its settlements of six thousand five hundred hectares in Kapatagan (Lanao) and twenty five thousand hectares in Buldon (Cotabato). In each group taken to these places there was a nucleus of former Army personnel and their families, who became a stabilizing factor and ensured the success of the program. Indeed, less than ten percent of the Huks now settles down gave up this new lease in life offered them by the government.

To promote the smooth restructuring of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the military were made to undergo a reorganization. Battalion combat teams of one thousand men each were established. Each operated independently of the High Command, except for overall coordination in operational plans. A total of twenty six Battalion Combat Teams were put up. New army units were also established, such was the first Airborne Unit, the Scout Rangers, the Canine Unit, and the Cavalry Unit. Their mental showing offered much promise.

Elpidio Quirino supported the establishments of several industrial plants and projects at strategic points all over the country, thereby mobilizing its economic resources and ushering in an era of industrialization. For the improvement of the economy, president Quirino launched an Economic Mobilization Program to industrialize the country and give more jobs to the Filipinos. He also had economic relations with the United States, the president of the United States then, G. William Foster, signed the Quirino-Foster Agreement which implemented the recommendations of the Bell Mission. The...
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