Ellyday by Helen Oyeyemi

Topics: Human skin color, Sibling, Birth order Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: December 12, 2010

Helen Oyeyemi

Ellyday is about two siblings, Sophie and Elly. The story takes place in Elly’s bedroom one cold Sunday morning, four days before Christmas. Sophie walked into Elly’s bedroom, because she was worried about her sister Elly, who is really skinny and she wanted to talk with her. While Sophie tried to figure out, how to ask Elly to pull her jumper up, Elly wanted to listen to a CD. Elly wouldn’t pull her jumper up and said to Sophie that she was only going to get angry. Then they discussed Elly’s weight and appearance and Elly said that she thought Sophie’s problem is in fact, that Elly is now as skinny as Sophie. After that Elly started to cry hideous and sank to the floor. Sophie told Elly that she can’t see properly how she can think it’s worth it, but Elly just answered that Sophie didn’t really care and that she saw it happening. Sophie also told Elly that she was actually sick and needed help and that it would be wise to talk to someone. At this moment Elly listened to her sister and asked her when it’s okay to die. Sophie got shocked and realized that she didn’t know this person anymore. Elly elaborate on her question about if it was okay to die before you’ve ever kissed a boy, or ever been loved, or anything like that. While Sophie was going to explain that it was not okay to die, she just stopped speaking and stared brimming overwhelmed, because Elly had pulled up her jumper.

Sophie and Elly are teenagers and I think that Sophie is the oldest of them. Elly has an eating disorder and is very skinny and looks like a scarecrow. She has fluffy brown hair and leaking, dead brown eyes. She’s mostly a silent girl, but when Sophie talks directly about Elly’s thinness, she goes into self-defense. Elly had no control over her words and stumble hesitates over every word that came out from her mouth. It’s painful for Elly to speak clearly and rounded, without a slur. She had pale skin tone and shaking hands due to her thinness. She wears...
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