Ellison - King of the Bingo Game

Topics: African American, White people, Racism Pages: 3 (1111 words) Published: April 25, 2005
What are the larger implications of Ellison's story? To what extent is it about the "invisibility" of black men in white America?

Ellison's "King of the Bingo Game" encompasses a variety of different implications that transform an otherwise sad short story into a political statement regarding racial injustice towards African Americans. Ellison's use of colors, slang phrases, names, irony, and his almost constant use of metaphor change otherwise meaningless sentences into poignant testimonial of disparity. This exceptional use of language, in conjunction to the hardships African American's faced at the time of the stories conception allow it to paint a picture of inequality and prejudice that insight insanity into the main character. As the story begins Ellison's main character, the man who remains nameless is described as poor, unemployed, and so desperate to buy his wife's medicine that he is resolved to trying to win money on a bingo game. He believes that every man who lives a moral life, and works hard should be able to succeed, though it is obvious that his surroundings have failed him. His insatiable hunger is a reflection of how poor he actually is. He longs for the woman's peanuts in front of him, wishing that he still lived in the south where solidarity holds groups of people together, and where everyone experiences the same hardships and help each other. This leads the reader to believe that the man is now living in the north, but the fact that he has no birth certificate explains where he originated. He was most likely born in North Carolina, the south, slave country, and it's where he day dreams about and misses most. Slaves were not given birth certificates, and the fact that is never given a name in the story is intentional on Ellison's part. Most slaves incorporated the last names of their owners into their own, completely disregarding and forgetting their own family lineage. His trip north from his slave background to free country leaves him...
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