Ellis Island Immigration

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RUNING HEAD: Ellis Island Immigration

Ellis Island Immigration
History of Psychological Assessment
Ilvana Musinovic
Measurements and Statistics
Dr. Jennings
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Ellis Island Immigration
First time Unites states realized the need for immigrants was in middle 1800. Immigrants were being brought Europe, through Ellis Island. "Ellis Island is a place where millions of immigrants called out theirs for the first time - proud names, long names, names that would twist the tongue - before they stepped ashore onto America's soil" (sydeby, Ellis Island). According to history.com when Ellis Island opened, a enormous change was taking place in immigration to the United States. Even though it all seemed smooth, the process was quite more complex. According to Cohen and Swerdlik, (2005), "immigrants coming to America via Ellis Island were greeted not only by the Statue of Liberty but also by immigration officials ready to evaluate them with respect to physical, mental, and other variables" (p. 39). Those who failed either one were returned to his or hers country of origin. "Critics would later charge that at least some of the immigrants who had fared poorly on mental tests were sent away from our shores not because they were indeed mentally deficient but simply because they did not understand English well enough to execute instructions" (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2005, p. 39). According to Cohen and Swerdlik, 2005, this was the time when language barrier was taken into considerations by psychologists. "One way for the early test developers to deal with this psychometric fact of life was to develop culture-specific tests, that is, tests designed for use with people from one culture but not from another" (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2005, p. 38). They also added that culture specific approach test development were early versions of some of the best known test of intelligence. Best example provided by Cohen and Swerdlik, (2005), was Wechsler-Bellevue Intelligence...

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