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Assignment 3a
Problems 3-8 on page 161

A Teller would accept and process a customers’ savings deposit slip in the service blueprint below:

Customer Action
Walk up to Teller windowProvide Teller with Savings Deposit slipCommunicate the request neededReceive receipt for transactionWalk away with a completed transaction

Greet Customer and assess customer requestTake customers’ Savings Deposit slip and reviewKey transaction for the customerCommunicate what the transaction comprised of and provide receiptThank the customer for coming

Customer Action
Communicate request to Bank OfficerCommunicate Home Loan questions and receive answersReceive Home Loan applicationFill out Home Loan application Request update on approval or rejection of Home Loan application

4Post Office Transactions

Buy stamps from a machine
Walk up to stamp machine and review the options of stamps and pricesReach for money and determine the amount of spend for 1 to + stampsPut money into machine and select stamp amount of stampsReceive change and stamp(s)Place stamp on envelope or pocket for later use

Buy stamps from a Postal Clerk
Stand in line for Postal ClerkCommunicate the amount of stamps to purchaseMay not know stamp amounts, Clerk communicates how many and prices for eachSelect quantity of stamps and payUtilize stamps as needed

5Steps to getting gas in a car from self service to full service and paying with cash.

Self Service Steps
-Identify from the Gas Station sign the price of each gas type -Identify how much I want to spend since I am paying with cash -Pull up to gas pump and identify the gas pump # and the amount I want to spend oTrouble Points:

Gas Pumps may not be available
I could have pulled to the wrong side of the gas pump

-Walk to the Gas Attendant and provide the gas pump # and the amount of money I want to spend oTrouble Points:
May need exact change for gas
Gas may be out
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