Ellen DeGeneres

Topics: Ellen DeGeneres, Finding Nemo, Portia de Rossi Pages: 2 (815 words) Published: March 5, 2015
The person that I admire is Ellen DeGeneres. I admire her for many reasons. One of them is the positive effect that she has on many peoples lives. People write to her all the time telling Ellen that her show is what gets them through a difficult day. She's always helping people that could use it too. Her show is always helping families out by giving them money, cars and paying tuition’s. Most of all the admire the positive outlook on life that she has about life, and how she remains true to herself.

Ellen has received many awards and accomplished many things. One of the awards she received was the Mark Twan award. In America this is the highest achievement in comedy, and only four women prior to her had won it. Her talk show is a huge accomplishment. It came out on September 8th, 2003. At first her talk show wasn't a huge success, but after a couple years it slowly started to catch on. Today her show is on it's 12th season, and receives immense support from fans that watch it everyday. Also, she hosted the Oscars two years in a row, this was probably a huge honour for her. Ellen was the voice of Dory in the well known film Finding Nemo. This film made 339.7 million dollars, and is coming out with a sequel in 2015. Some more awards she won are 8 Emmy awards, 4 peoples choice awards, women of the year and many more. Today she is probably known as one of the most successful women in America.

Ellen had to overcome many obstacles while trying to become successful. When she was around the age of 16 she was molested by her step-father. Ellen's advice to anyone going through the situation is to talk to someone about it. What Ellen did was talk to her mother about it, and she put an end to it all. A big obstacle she had to face was being accepted when she announced her sexuality. Ellen's character first came out on the show The Ellen Show. Which then was cancelled a year later. Ellen then officially came out on the Oprah in 1997. It wasn't...

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