Ellasaurus Products Enterprises

Topics: Intellectual property, Copyright, Trademark Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: August 21, 2010
C2. Ellasaurus Products Enterprises
1.Ellen will use some copyrighted illustrations from her books on the Web site. She will also include themes from the story lines of her books in some of the games that will be available (free) on the site to registered visitors. Prepare a report of about 300 words in which you discuss at least two intellectual property issues that might arise in the operation of the Web site. Intellectual Property (IP) refers to anything created with the mind. This includes inventions, literature, art, symbols/designs used by a business or in violation of a copyright. There are two types of IP, Industrial property and Copyright property. Copyright includes an artists’ performances as well as many other written items and other broadcasted items. If it belongs to the person then it can be considered Intellectual property covered by copyright regulations. Because her website will include images and themes from her books then they will be protected by copyright regulations. She happens to have the advantage because these are her images that are being protected since they will be available across the internet. It is possible to protect the image from being copied from the website but it can still be screen printed or maybe another version of coping it could be used. She needs to protect the games that are protected by copyright from being downloaded or have an agreement with the registered users to not spread the software. Anything that is presented in the Terms of Service for a company or website and agreed to by the individual makes the individual responsible for the agreement. Since she has it so that it is for registered users only then she is helped out because they are required to agree to the terms set forth before they even have access to the protected material. 2.In about 200 words, describe the ethical issues that Ellen faces because of the ages of her intended audience members.

Since Ellasaurus is...
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