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ELLs Assessments
The mission of North Carolina Department of Education schools is to ensure that all students are accepted in the educational system. It is also the mission of NCDE to give every student the opportunity to receive the highest quality education possible. Due to the fact that immigrant students are the fastest and largest growing population in schools in the United States, it is crucial to develop a comprehensive plan that will identify and meet the needs of the English Language learners. “According to a 2004 report from the US Department of Education, there are over 5.5 million students in the United States who are classified as Limited English Proficient. The state of North Carolina is among the top with a vast amount of students who possess a mixture in languages and countries of national origin.” To successfully teach ELLs, educational programs were specifically designed in North Carolina for students who are not natives of America and whose first language is not English. Educational programs are intended to help these students succeed academically with specific guidelines and policies that have been implemented to first identify this particular group of students for achieving academically and socially. The State Board of Education is responsible for the development of plans and procedures for recognizing and making available certain services to students who fall into the category of speaking limited English for funding and accountability; this is in accordance with North Carolina law SL2002-284 Section 7.15(b) (http://www.ncpublicschools.org). In the state of North Carolina, the WIDA Placement Test (W-APT) is used to identify ELLs. WIDA is the assessment that is used in this state first for identifying and then academic placement of students who are identified as LEP. Eligibility requirements for the W-APT are determined by the results of the Home Language Survey (HLS) process. The HLS process, along with identifying, and ensuring...

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