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Elken company
1) Introduction Elken company is an international direct selling company which is selling health care products, beauty products and household goods. Elken is a Malaysia company which was established at 1995. The vision of the company is to enrich our lives, for examples, health and personal development, building confidence, financial well-being and train a independence leader. The head office is located at Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and it has expands its business to another six countries, there are Brunei, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India and Singapore. Besides, Elken also been awarded the rank of 65 in the global by Direct Selling News magazines in 2012, top 1 Malaysia MLM in 2011/2012 , Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards 2012 and Green Building Index (GBI) Silver Certification in 2011.

● Strong background for about 10 years above
● High quality of product and have their own factory in others country
● Well trained freelance workers
● Strong cultural and unique slogan

● Expensive product
● Unstable salaries or wages
● Different and various opinions from your leader

● Still have a lot of countries available to expand the business
● A lot of new products to be innovated and discovered
● New cooperate company
● A lot of misunderstand from external
● The end of natural resources and material

3) External Analysis
3.1) Political force Actually, Elken has a merely number of political forces. Maybe what we want to care about is the import or export agreement between the cooperate countries because most of our product materials is imported from others countries, so that we must enforged our relationship between the cooperate countries.
3.2 Economic conditions Nowdays, gradually changes of economic is very serious. So, economic conditions is very important factor that can directly affect the sales of a company. For an example, Malaysia economic

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