Elizabethan Society Problems

Topics: Poverty, Agriculture, Enclosure Pages: 3 (792 words) Published: October 15, 2012
In the Elizabethan society many problems occurred as a result of the country changing during that time. Many problems of the problems are intertwined with another affecting each other equally making them harder to deal with.

The main problem faced in Elizabethan society was the changing population, during the 1300 there have been up to 6 million people living in England and Wales. However the population naturally decreased, deaths began to exceed births due to diseases such as the ‘black death’ and bad harvests, despite this population began to increase from the end of the fifteenth century and continued to grow throughout the whole period. Overpopulation is not a problem that can be solved easily and England had a problem dealing with the issue. We can see from ‘Source A, where it says ‘That the number of our people has multiplied is both… with any extreme mortality, either by sword or sickness that might abate the overgrown number of us.’ This highlights how the population has grown without disease or wars, and more people conceiving. Overpopulation puts strain on everything else in the country including; resources, housing, jobs and the economy.

From the medieval ages agriculture and farming had not changed that much men and women would work the farms and produce supplies to feed their families and community. Enclosures were the greatest and most controversial change in agriculture. Enclosures meant putting a boundary around animals or crops which were more efficient for the farmers but disrupted the local people often resulting in them being evicted. There were different types of enclosures but most caused dispute and was problematic for the government. The different types of enclosures and how they caused problems can be seen in sources D, E and F. The enclosure of common land meant that empty space for villagers to gather resources was unattainable and could not be used; this type of enclosure caused the most amounts of problems. The enclosure of...
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