Elizabethan Government vs. U.S. Government

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Elizabethan government has its similarities and differences with the US government now. First, the courts of the Elizabethan era are very different from the US branches today. Secondly, crime and punishment was not as enforced in the Elizabethan era as it is today in the US. Third, the branches of the US government contradict the ideas of the Elizabethan monarchy.

There are six parts of the Elizabethan government, Parliament, the Privy Council, Star Chamber, Court of Chancery, the Exchequer of Pleas and the Court of Requests. "Parliament, the English legislative body, passed several poor laws during Elizabeth's reign (Daily Life)." The Star Chamber dealt with the wealthy, the Court of Chancery judged criminal cases, and the Court of Requests who dealt with the poor (Thomas). The Queen was supposed to be advised by the Privy Council as a whole (Sommerville).

Religion was a big part of the Elizabethan era. The Elizabethan Government was made up of three parts that decided on religion (Thomas). Queen Elizabeth forced her citizens to go to church (Mahabal). The Renaissance created a great awakening in the church (Collins). The parish was the smallest part of the Elizabethan government and mainly consisted of the church (Sommerville). Toleration was the differentiation of Christian communities (Collins).

Crime and punishment was dealt with harshly in the Elizabethan era. The Queen administered death sentences for high treason. "The most important courts were probably the Great Session (or Assizes), held twice a year in each county, and the Quarter Sessions Court, held four times a year (Thomas)." People were tortured for important information (Mahabal).

The Elizabethan government was a monarchy. Cities and towns had various officials to control matters (Thomas). The prince could do anything within his guidelines. Natural law was morals and natural sins. Personal ruler ship is power in war and enforcing laws. Humanism was the main form of government...
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