Elizabethan England - Mary Queen of Scots

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Elizabethan England
Mary Queen Of Scots

|Elizabeth's Options |Advantages |Disadvantages | |Help Mary to regain her throne |Form an alliance with Scotland. |The Scots would hate her. | | |Religious beliefs that God appointed Mary|Mary was rightful Queen of England. | | |as a monarch. | | |Allow her to go to France |She is her cousin, family is priority. |May form an alliance and get help from | | |She wasn't proven to be found involved in|France with a rebellion. | | |plots. | | |Send her back to Scotland |Leave her to be dealt with in Scotland - |The Scottish would kill both monarchs. | | |nothing else left to her. |Cause rebellions. | | |Make amends with Mary. |Lose control over Mary. | |Keep her in England |Full control and power over Mary. |Cause rebellions. | | |Can protect her and prevent her from |Elizabeth is putting her country in | | |being killed. |danger keeping Mary in England. |

Her final decision was to execute Mary after she was given evidence that Mary was involved in the planning for over throwing Elizabeth and murdering her to put Mary on the throne. This was an advantage as it meant that England would now be more safe and Mary would no longer be causing problems in England however it also means that Elizabeth feels that even though Mary was appointed by god then it was still ok to execute her which may give the wrong idea to her people and could cause a massacre against Elizabeth, resulting in her death.

The Northern Rebellion
In 1569 a rebellion of 6000 broke out under the control of The Earls of Northumberland and Westmorland, who were catholic’s. Their plan was to rescue Mary, overthrow Elizabeth put Mary on the thrown and make the country Roman Catholic again. This puts Mary in danger despite the fact that she didn’t agree with the plot and didn’t believe it would succeed. This makes Elizabeth’s life more difficult as this means that she has to send out soldiers to fight the rebellion but at the same time protecting and keeping a watchful eye on Mary.

The Duke of Norfolk
Thomas Howard, The Duke of Norfolk, was a noble of Elizabeth’s. Elizabeth got on well with Howard until she found out that he wanted to marry Mary, with or without Elizabeth’s permission. She was furious and banned the marriage. The papal bull of excommunication followed shortly afterwards in 1570, whereby the pope called her the ‘servant of wickedness’ and that she was not the rightful queen. This puts Mary in danger and puts her in a difficult situation as the pope believed that Mary was the rightful queen of England.

The Ridolfi Plot
In 1571 William Cecil found out about a catholic plot organised by Ridolfi, an Italian banker which involved Mary, The Duke of Norfolk, Philip of Spain and the Pope. The plan was to overthrow Elizabeth ad to make Mary Queen of England married to the Duke of Norfolk to make the country roman catholic. The plot failed and Ridolfi and the Spanish ambassador were expelled from the country. Mary wasn't punished although the whole plan meant she was in great danger and could have been sentenced to death if found guilty for treason. Once Elizabeth had decided not to execute Mary, a large...
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