Elizabeth Woodville

Topics: Edward IV of England, Henry VI of England, Elizabeth Woodville Pages: 7 (2464 words) Published: April 8, 2012
Part 1: Character
Elizabeth Woodville
-Elizabeth meets Edward IV as he rides through her town.
- Elizabeth marries Edward IV in secret three days before he goes off to battle. - Edward IV wins the battle and officially becomes King of England. -Elizabeth’s marriage to Edward is formally announced, angering many of Edward’s advisors. -Elizabeth has three daughters.

-Elizabeth’s father and brother are taken by Warwick’s army and are beheaded. Her mother is also accused of witchcraft. -Elizabeth curses Lord Warwick and Duke George.
-Elizabeth enters sanctuary as Edward goes once again to battle. -Elizabeth has a son named Edward.
-Elizabeth also has another son named Richard. Also a short while later another named George. -Elizabeth sends her son Edward to Wales with her brother Anthony. -Her son George dies along with her mother.

-Elizabeth has her last two children Catherine and Bridget.
-Takes her children into sanctuary not trusting Richard to protect them. - Richard captures Elizabeth’s brother Anthony, her son Edward, and her son Richard Grey. -Elizabeth’s marriage to Edward is declared invalid.

-Elizabeth attempts to organize an uprising against Richard III. -Elizabeth is told that Richard III has killed her sons Edward and Richard. She does not believe this. -Elizabeth finally believes that her son Edward is dead.

-Elizabeth after agreeing that her daughter will marry Richard III she sends for her son Richard and he is restored to her. The climax of Elizabeth’s character is when she finally believes that her son Edward is dead (489). This is because throughout the book her goal has been to make sure that one of her sons becomes the King of England. After this point she seems to come to terms with the fact that her family had its time in power and there is no more that she can do to further her family’s power. Elizabeth’s character goes through many changes throughout the novel. She begins not wanting to further herself in the royal court simply to get her husband’s lands returned to her. But when she finds herself falling in love with the king she gets a taste of the power of the Queen of England and cannot seem to give it up even when she could have saved many people by surrendering the throne.

Edward IV
-While riding out to battle meets Elizabeth Woodville and her two sons. -Calls for troops to muster and in doing so sees Elizabeth again and asks her to marry him in secret. -Edward wins the battle against King Henry VI, officially becoming King of England. -The King announces his marriage to Elizabeth and calls her to court. -His most trusted advisor the Earl of Warwick turns against him and puts his support behind Edward’s brother George Duke of Clarence. -Edward is captured by Richard Neville the Earl of Warwick’s army. - Edward is released by the Earl of Warwick.

-Edward is once again called to battle against Warwick, and Edward wins. - Edward and his two brothers kill the old King Henry VI in the tower of London. -Edward learns of George’s plot against him and has him executed for treason. -Edward becomes ill.

-On his deathbed he makes his advisors and his wife promise to work to protect his son and work together. -Edward dies leaving his brother Richard, as Royal protector.
The climax for Edward’s character is when he becomes ill (341). His character in the story has been centered on him growing from a young naïve boy to a man of the world. He reverts back to his childish ways when he becomes sick. “As if he were still a boy and could take such risks with his health” (340). This is the climax because from this point on he tries to reconcile everything he can but ultimately fails in doing so before he dies.

Edward’s character undergoes many changes throughout the portion of his life that is illustrated in this novel. He began as a young man who believed he was invincible and saw Elizabeth as the most beautiful lady in the country and felt that he had to have her. During his life in the...
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