Elizabeth Taylor

Topics: Elizabeth Taylor, Academy Award for Best Actress, Marriage Pages: 4 (1108 words) Published: October 27, 2013

Elizabeth Taylor starred in many movies throughout her lifetime. During her time of her career she married many men that all ended in divorce beside one death. Taylor had two boys and two girls, one of her daughters were adopted. When she got to her last days she helped found an organization for AIDS. She later died but lived a very fulfillment life. Elizabeth Taylor started her life in London, England, yet when she arrived in the United States she made a huge impact in movie star history.

The start of Elizabeth Taylor began with her birth. Elizabeth Rosemund Taylor was born 1932 in London to Francis Taylor and Sara (Corliss). At 10, Elizabeth was fighting for a spot in a program called There’s One Born Every Minute (Corliss). After her first time in the spot light she got her first big break with MGM. MGM producer Sam Marx had a problem: the girl he had cast as the female lead in Lassie Come Home was not right for the part so Elizabeth got the part (Corliss). Though she played in many movies she received only five nominations and one award. Her first Oscar nomination as Best Actress was from the movie Raintree County (Taraborrelli 133). Taylor received her second nomination as playing as a woman with a “voracious” appetite for sex in the movie Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (144). Joseph Mankiewicz had directed Suddenly, Last Summer that led Elizabeth to an Oscar nomination (164). She finally won her an Oscar. Taylor played the haughty prostitute role in Butterfield 8 and won a Best Actress Award for it (Corliss). Elizabeth had another nomination but did not win for her role in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? (Taraborrelli 267). She had many nominations but only one Oscar award to show for her work.

Elizabeth Taylor married many men during her lifetime but none lasted. Her first marriage was to an heir to the Hilton hotels. On May 6, 1950 Elizabeth was...

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