Elizabeth Green

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Elizabeth Green


Elizabeth Green is highly looked up to in the music world as a violinist, teacher, conductor, composer, writer, etc. At the age of nine she stated that she “would never teach,” yet somehow became a teacher we still look up-to today. She wrote extensively on violin instruction and on conducting, which is used in classrooms at major universities even today.

1906 – Born in Mobile, Alabama.
At the age of 5 she had her first public performance on the violin. (She was taught to play the violin by her dad, Albert Green who was Wheaton Conservatory’s 1st director, and later studies with Clarence Evans and Jacques Gordon – both principals in the Chicago Symphony.) •1923 – she finished her music degree at Wheaton before she graduated from high school. •1928 – she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy with a minor in physics. •After graduation she went on to teach strings in Waterloo, Iowa which is also were she organized and started the Waterloo symphony. •1939 – she received a master’s degree of music from Northwestern University. •1942 – she was asked to teach the orchestral program at Ann Arbor public schools where she revived a 9-member orchestra into a 60-piece symphony. •1954 – she went on to teach full time at a University for 20 years. •1974 – upon retirement, she pursued a lifetime love for painting and earned a fine arts degree from Eastern Michigan University. •She passed away due to Cancer on Sept. 4, 1995 at the age of 89

The Modern Conductor
oExercises for teaching motor skills
oInsights into opera conducting, career-building & score study. •School Musician
The Etude
The Instrumentalist
Orchestral Bowing and Routines

“Chatterbox Symphonette”
“Theme and Variations”
“12 Modern Etudes for Advanced Violinist”
“Sinfonia in D”

March 1995, honored as a world-famous educator, musician, author, and conductor by the Michigan...

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