Elizabeth Film Critique

Topics: Henry VIII of England, Elizabeth I of England, Mary I of England Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: October 19, 2014
Elizabeth, A Portrayal
In the biographical film Elizabeth, an obscure and corrupted England experiences a new type of reign from the daughter of King Henry the eighth, no one other than Elizabeth the first.The film takes the viewer into the beginning years of her reign where she was pressured by all the factors around her to marry in order to ensure the security of her throne and it’s legitimacy. Elizabeth defies not only suitors but all assumptions of her not being fit to rule her country, her being a woman was doubted and questioned yet she reigned for 44 years and brought England into it’s Golden Age. The Virgin Queen faced many dangers and threats because she was the first female monarch;a devoted and hard edge woman who took the role of a king and queen and vanquished her enemies both foreign and native, stood by her decision to reign solely, and changed the face of England forever.

The plot of the story is surrounded by crisis from beginning to end, we see Elizabeth in a crunch before she gains the throne from her recently deceased half sister up until she declares herself the Virgin Queen of England; the sole ruler of her land which rocks the foundation of England for many reigns to come. The film is draped in darkness, we see many deaths by many different hand which included poison,beheadings, and natural causes. The atmosphere in the film is complete tension between Elizabeth and the males with power in her life, the power struggle between the characters is evident and casts a heavy cloud of dilemma on the english crown. Within the film there is little lightness, the scenes transfer from one another with highly upbeat

and rapid orchestral music that identify the scenes as troublesome. The very few merry scenes in the film are still dimly lighted, possibly symbolizing that dark times are soon to come for Elizabeth and England. Although very informative, I believe the central reaction that the film wanted to give to the audience was...
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