Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Individuals are born with several different types of mindsets and approaches to how they perceive and react to societal norms. In situations where most of society abides by what is presented to them, some individuals may stand out. In this regard, it is Elizabeth Barrette Browning is certainly one individual who has stood out.

With both, her moralistic as well as her literary armory on her side, Elizabeth certainly does have the status of an individual worthy of having her literary works canonized. This is because she was a poet who expressed elements like rhythm and spontaneity, sentimentalism, and protest against oppression of other human beings. Though one cannot really assert that Elizabeth was explicitly committed to political poetry, it can be said that she considered this important to her as a poet as well as her ability to express romantic sentiments through her work (Elizabeth Barrette Browning (a), 2004).

Deviating from the societal expectations of her time, Elizabeth was against slavery. Her resentment for slavery was particularly known when her father wanted to send her younger siblings to his plantations to work (Dally, 1989, 21-25). It was at about this time that she wrote ‘ The Seraphim and Other Poems' in (1838). This was presented with grand style in the form of a Greek Classical Tragedy.

Elizabeth 's technique employed was unique, and indeed was a result of her interest in Greek studies. Prior to this, Elizabeth studied Hebrew on her own so that she could read the Old Testament. This was because of the fact that she was interested in Christian ways of life, and enriched her knowledge by doing so (Elizabeth Barrette Browning (b), 2004). In addition to this, Elizabeth helped in services of the church in every possible manner possible. However, it is not this that she should be remembered, as her literary work has indeed left and indelible mark in the minds of readers who have picked up her poetry....
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