Topics: DNA, Evolution, Genetics Pages: 4 (888 words) Published: June 23, 2014
Biology is the best class!! My favorite is photosynthesis and cellular respiration. It is so fascinating, and once you draw out the diagrams it is not too confusing. Biology – Second Semester Unit Objectives

Unit One – Cells and Information
Text Chapter 10: Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis (All)
List the scientists that contributed (and list the contributions) to the discovery of DNA and its structure Describe, in detail, the structure of DNA and explain the principle function Summarize the main features of DNA replication

Describe the structure of the different types of RNA and explain the primary function Summarize the process of transcription
Distinguish between a codon and an anticodon
Summarize the process of translation
Explain the role of complementary base pairing in replication, transcription and translation

Unit Two – Biotechnology
Text Chapter 13: DNA Technology (All)
Explain how restriction enzymes can be used to make recombinant DNA Explain what a DNA fingerprint is and how it is prepared
Define DNA technology laboratory techniques: PCR, Recombinant DNA, DNA identification Explain how gene therapy may be used in humans
Describe a model species and why is it useful to study genes Define bioinformatics and explain its role in the future of genomics Distinguish between bioinformatics and proteomics
List two types of medical products that can be produced using DNA technology In what way might employers discriminate against a person if his or her genome were known to them?

Unit Six – Genetics
Text Chapter 9: Fundamentals of Genetics - Mendelian (All)
Distinguish between dominant and recessive traits
Design an illustration showing the difference between an allele and a gene Describe how probability is used to predict the results of genetic crosses Show how a Punnett Square can be used to predict results of monohybrid/dihybrid cross Text Chapter 12: Inheritance patterns and Human Genetics – Non-Mendelian...
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