Elixir Technology – Entry Into the Middle East

Topics: Middle East, Asia, Near East Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: February 27, 2009
{text:bookmark-start} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} {draw:line} Case Analysis: Elixir Technology – Entry into the Middle East {text:bookmark-start} Company profile {text:bookmark-end} “Elixir Technology is a _software development company based in Singapore that develops data analysis and report generation software and provides technical training and consulting services. By May 2003, it had successfully sold this software to corporate clients in Singapore, China, and Japan, following a very adaptive marketing strategy in each market. Now the managing director is contemplating entering the Middle East, but must choose an entry strategy quickly to capitalize on the current window of opportunity. Available entry choices include direct entry and several partnership options”…_ Has the fact that Elixir is based in Singapore influenced its business model/strategy? Yes, Singapore entitles a rich history of trade routes and rapid development for the country following its independence from the British colonywhich embrace their culture of doing businesses. The Singaporean government approved SDG$7 billion back in 2003 to push global technology competitive sectors, positioning Singapore at the fifth leading exporter of high-technology products in the world. This movement attracted small business like Elixir to exalt and jump into current and new markets respectively. Both founders of the company were highly influenced by the IT movement in the country. Lau Shih Hor and Jonathan Priddey worked together for the IT field within the government. Subsequently, they offered services for the port of Singapore and the Ministry of Defense. The country of Singapore has a very low overall domestic corruption rate which gives businesses directly working for the government a prestige flag in comparison to other companies in the region. Then, having so elite clients for elixir worked as a great marketing strategy. The company business model emphasizes the need for getting into new...

References: Webpages: http://www.elixirtech.com/ http://sg.sun.com/sunnews/events/presentation/files/20080617_suntechdays_ph/web20/TD_MNL_Elixir_Lau.pdf http://www.ida.gov.sg/Infocomm%20Industry/20061005092817.aspx
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