Eliminating Prison Rape

Topics: Rape, Prison, Sexual intercourse Pages: 14 (5019 words) Published: July 11, 2011
Running Head: Prison Rape: A Second Sentence

Eliminating Prison Rape
La Ron Whiteside
Upper Iowa University
ID 49814_01 Senior Project
November 8, 2009

In the paper the author will address the problems that the prison systems are having with new inmates in the male prisons that are being sexually assaulted within days of their arrival. Also the author will discuss the trauma that the raped inmates go through. The inmates that are likely to be assaulted are young, small, white and generally nonviolent (Fleisher & Krienert, 2009). The aggressors are usually strong, violent offender and the aggressor usually posses a low education-level (Man & Cronan, 2001). The author will recommend that the prison system get a new classification system to separate new low risk inmates from the violent inmates that are more likely to be assaulted by an older or younger inmate. Finally the author will recommend that the correctional officers get trained on how to deal with sexual assaulted inmates.

Imagine the task of being sentenced to prison. For those who have been, a judge has declared, their guilt. Yet making a bad situation worse, some inmates will arrive at the prison to discover their sentence goes beyond that lawfully declared by the judge. Specifically, a large number will discover they have been sentenced to years of sexual abuse via the hands of other inmates; some with HIV. The author has found in his research that between 800,000 and 900,000 United States citizens are infected with the HIV virus. The overall rate of confirmed AIDS cases among the U.S. prison population (0.52 percent) was approximately four times the rate in the general U.S. prison population (Seiter, 2005). No crime should be punished by rape. With that in mind, -the purpose of this paper is to shed light on the abuse that new inmates are subjected to in the male prison institutions across the United States. New inmates who have never been to prison before are more likely to be raped by a violent inmate; this includes being, tricked into doing sexual favors tricked into doing sexual favors (Hogshire, 1999). The nonviolent first time offenders who are raped tend to be physically small, usually white and non-violent offenders (Watch, 2001). In an effort to combat prison rape, the author purposes that prison system gets a classification system for new inmates to ensure that they are separated from dangerous inmates. The author also recommends that the prison institutions have their officers attend classes on how to effectively deal with and combat the sexual abuse of inmates.

A classification system is very important because it will allow officers to screen for dangerous inmates during the intake process and separate non-violent offenders from the violent offenders. The classification system is also important because it will allow non-violent inmates to be housed with low risk other non-violent offenders (Mcshane, 2008). During the intake process the officer should have been trained to know who the target victims are, in a lot of prisons many prisoners are misclassified because of poor classification systems, and negligent screening in the intake process, or not having beds available at the proper level of supervision (Mcshane, 2008). When inmates are misclassified it put the inmate life in great danger (Mcshane, 2008).

Internal Administrative Penalties
In a Texas prison there was a inmate called M.R. M.R. was nearly killed by his rapist, M.R. was in shock when he learned that the man accused of attacking him was punished by spending 15 days in the hole or disciplinary segregation. Often time it is very rare for prison officials to conduct the investigations necessary to make a conviction for rape, the perpetrators of rape appearing before the disciplinary board are usually charged with a lesser offense such as disorderly conduct. The author will show by having a proper classification system...
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