Eliminating Meat & Dairy

Topics: Nutrition, Milk, Obesity Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Elizabeth Langley
Eliminating meat and dairy
Everyone’s first thought about taking meat out of their diet is, “where are we going to get our protein from?” but I don’t think people really know what’s in meat. In fact not one doctor is really medically trained about human’s nutrition. Research shows that eliminating excessive meat and dairy products will drastically improve your health.             Eliminating meat is the most important out of everything to eliminate because of how bad it really is for you, which no one knows about. The two main things that are bad about meat are the saturated fat that’s in it and the cholesterol. 130 percent amount of saturated fat an adult is supposed to eat in a day can be found in a whopper from Burger King. Americans consume the most meat in the world! Therefore, our saturated fat intake and cholesterol level is way too high.

There is strong evidence that a person who doesn’t eat meat is conductive to endurance and to bounce back from fatigue faster (“Diet For a new America” By, John Robbins). If you ate nothing but wheat (17% protein) or oatmeal (15% protein), or even pumpkin (15% protein), you would have more than enough protein. What people also don’t realize is, every time you increase your protein intake of meat by 30%, your also increasing money for all the meat companies, which is not good because they gain so much more than necessary due to all the injections of antibiotics and steroids to speed up the process of the animal growth.

Now eliminating dairy is another story. Dairy has been linked to prostate cancer, breast cancer, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Dairy is also high in cholesterol and saturated fat. The major ingredient in milk is, wood glue! Think about that, you’re pretty much drinking half wood glue and half of something else, not really worth it.

Ever have a lot of congestion or mucus? Well dairy is the most mucus forming food we consume. With...

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