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Elie Wiesel

By perez650 May 23, 2011 338 Words
Sharnon Perez
Ms St John
English/period 5th
May 23, 2011
Elie Wiesel changes a lot throughout this book. Elie started of as a faithful child. He did his studies everyday, which lead him to want to seek further knowledge of his God. As his life in the concentration camp progresses he changes emotionally and spiritually. The camp lead him to see and think things very differently than he ever did. The truth and reality of life is going to change his life forever.

In the beginning of the book Elie. studies the Talmud everyday. He would always visit the synagogue at night to weep over the destruction of the temple.When Moishe asked him why do you pray? Elie answered" Why do I pray? Strange question. Why do I live? Why did I breathe?"(4) It showed that Elie lived, breath, eat and sleep the word of God. he was a devoted faithful child. Elie was so determined to study the Kabbala, though his father did not believe that he was old enough.During the Holocaust, Elie struggles to hold on to hi faith. As Elie and his family got into the concentration camp his faith and the way he viewed things changed slowly but surly. When Elie saw all the treatment he and the other Jews were getting it made him question the authority of his god. Back before the camps when is was time to fast him and his family would fast but when they were in the camps Elie choose to eat. "[He] turned that act into a symbol of rebellion."(69) to show his God that he was angry with him.

Elie changed emotionally soon after entering the camps because his relationship with his father became better. His only goal was to tend to his dad. It was the first time he ever got close to his father. Tragic hits and his father dies, Elie soon becomes more self sufficient. He doesn't look out for anyone anymore....its a survival mode.

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