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Without electricity our daily lives would be much more difficult. You heat your home with electric, you are capable of flipping on a switch and are able to see at night. Not only does electric provide necessities, but also allows us to have leisure time watching television, charge our cellphones, play video games, among several others. It seems as if families get so consumed into technology that they forget about each other. Every family should take a break from all of the technology and remember what family is about. It was a Saturday morning the trees were swaying along while leaves were growing and the smell of fresh cut grass is the fragrance that immediately struck me as soon as I opened the window. My whole family is home, which includes me, my husband and two kids. My husband, Brian, is in the living room playing Xbox as usual and my kids are in their rooms playing so I figure I might as well use my time wisely and start getting ready for the day while they are all entertained. I was almost finished straightening my hair when the lights in the bathroom go out, my straightener is no longer working and I hear my husband fussing in the living room. We have no electricity! I was curious to see if Brian had forgotten to pay the bill or if it was everyone so I walk next door and my neighbor didn’t have power either. The kids didn’t even notice it since it was daylight and they were just playing with their toys. What are we going to do now? I look like a mad woman with my hair only half way straightened and Brian is freaking out because he was in the middle of his game that didn’t get saved. We decided since it was a beautiful day that we wasn’t going to waste it, or let having no electricity ruin it. I threw my hair up in a ponytail, got the kids dressed and we headed to the park. The kids played like little monkeys for at least two hours. As I walked my daughter Madison to the water fountain she said to me “Mommy I’m so happy we came to the park as a...
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