Elephant Population in Asia

Topics: Distribution of wealth, Elephant, North America Pages: 2 (316 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Homework 1:

The bar chart illustrates the estimated maximum population of elephants in a range of Asian selected countries in both 1997 and 2004. It can be seen clearly the downwards overall trend of the graph.

To begin, India was the country had the largest elephant population. Despite experiencing the a sharp fall, the number of elephants was also far higer than the others in 2004 at nearly 7500. Two of nine countries, Malaysia and Thailand were the most noticeable nation with the polulation just left less than half of the figure after a period of seven years. Another country, China had the lowest elephants in number in 1997, had smaller and smaller size in 2004, at 500.

In contrast to the general pattern, Cambodia, was the only country, had the slightly increase about more than 200. On the other hand, Laos and Vietnam remain constant at approximately 1200.

Homework 2:
The bar chart illustrates the comparison of the population shares , together with the distribution of wealth amongst the various regions. It can be seen clearly that the population is complete not to affect the distribution of wealth.

To begin, North America, was the developed business region, accounted for the highest percentage at nearly 34% of global wealth despite its population at just 6%. Similarly, the rich of Asia- Pacific area also had only 5% of the population, but comprised approximately 25% of wealth.

In contrast, the whole of the wealth in China, India, Africa and the poor Asia-Pacific was just about one-third of North America’s. However, the population of these region was much more 10 times than in North America. In these undeveloped areas, India was the most striking with 16% of world’ s population, but only 1% of wealth as well as China, where had the largest rate of global population (24%) and just 3% of the distribution of wealth.
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