Elena Beetroot Lab 9

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Elena MesaNov. 15, 2013
Ms. Lelacheur
IB Biology HL

The Effect of Temperature on Beet Root Membranes

What is the affect of temperature on beetroot membranes?

It is hypothesized that as the temperature increases, the deeper red the beetroot water will be. At higher temperatures the proteins in the beetroot plasma membrane will denature, leaving holes in the membrane and allowing the red pigment in the cell sap to seep out into the water around it.


Dependent-The dependent variable is the absorbency of the beetroot water after being soak at either 50,60,70, or 80 degrees Celsius.

Independent-The independent variable is temperature of the water in which the beetroot water soaks.

Control Variables-

What should be controlled?
Why should it be controlled?
How should it be controlled?
Amount of beetroot used.
If there is more beetroot in the water, the pigment would be deeper and therefore have a lower absorbency. If this is not controlled it would give unreliable results. Each slice of beetroot should be measured out to be 3mm ±0.5 mm and exactly 6 slices should be used in each beaker. Amount of water used.

If there is more water in a beaker, the color will be more opaque and therefore have more absorbency and give unreliable results. Each beaker should be filled with 6mL ± 0.5 mL.
Time spent soaking
If the beetroot water sample is soaked for longer than another, it may have more time for the pigment to seep through, causing its absorbency to be smaller. A timer should be used to measure 1 minute A timer should be used to measure 1 minute A timer should be used to measure 1 minute A timer should be used to measure 1 minute ±0.5ms

Raw Data:
Table to show cell membrane permeability in beetroot when temperature is changed:


Temperature in Degrees Celsius ±0.05 Degrees
Trial 1
Trial 2
Trial 3
Trial 4
Trial 5
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