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Topics: File system, Drive mapping, USB flash drive Pages: 4 (1061 words) Published: November 26, 2014
1. Objective
The objectives of this lab include:
Use Windows Networking to create and join a HomeGroup
Create and manage a network share
Discover the difference between NTFS permissions and sharing Map a network drive
Install a local printer
Install a network printer
2. Procedure
For each lab you are required to read the instructions document to guide you in the lab. Any required worksheets will need to be completed and submitted to Moodle by midnight of the day following the lab class. Late submissions will not be accepted.

This lab requires that you answer questions, shoot screen shots, and perform other activities that you will document in a worksheet named for the lab. You will find the worksheet on Moodle. It is recommended that you use a USB flash drive to store your worksheets so you can submit them to your instructor for review. As you perform the exercises in each lab, open the appropriate worksheet file, type the required information, and then save the file to your flash drive.

Additionally, you will need to consult your text book for details on specific steps as you go through the activities. Please make specific notes of the activities as you may be examined on them during the practical exam.

You will use your VM’s from last week for this week’s activity. 2.1. Mapping a Remote Share
In the first exercise, you will need to map a network share to a drive letter on your computer. The share that you are looking to access is \\NTEN_SHARE\PrinterDriver. You will need to use your ELEN_USER account to access the share. 1. Using Windows Explorer, you can explore in the networking section for the computer and share you are looking for or you can directly enter the UNC path ( \\NTEN_SHARE\PrinterDriver) into the explorer bar. 2. Right-click on the folder you wish to access and select Map Network Drive. Make sure that you select Connect using different credentials and use the ELEN_USER to connect. You will be required to enter the...
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