Elements of Visual Arts

Topics: Color, Hue, Color theory Pages: 3 (493 words) Published: July 1, 2012
Elements of the visual arts

Line – line is an important element at the disposal of every artist. Through the lines of a painting or sculpture, the artist can make us know what the work is about. He uses lines to represent figures and forms.

- Horizontal lines are lines of repose and serenity. They express ideas of calmness and quiescence - Vertical lines are lines poised for action. They are poised, balanced, forceful, and dynamic. - Diagonal lines suggest action and movement. They give animation to any composition in which they appear. - Curved lines suggest grace, movement, flexibility, joyousness, and grace

Lines may also be classified into three groups
- lines which follow or repeat one another
- lines which contrast with one another
- Transition lines which modify or soften the effect of others.

Repetition – occurs when two or more lines are drawn within a corner following the lines of the corner.

Color – Delight in color is a universal human characteristic. Color is a property of light. When light goes out, color goes with it.

Color has three dimensions or attributes:
Hue, value, and intensity

Hue – is the dimension of color that gives color its name
”primary and secondary colors”

“The color circle showing a sequence of 12 hues”
Warm and cool colors
- Colors may either be warm or cool. Red, Orange, and Yellow are the warm hues

Color Harmonies (two kinds)
- Related color harmonies
- Contrasted color harmonies

Related color harmonies – these may either be monochromatic or adjacent Contrasted color harmonies – colors which lie directly opposite each other in the color circle

Value – Refers to the lightness or darkness of a color. It is a quality which depends on the amount of light and dark in color.

Tints are values above the normal and shades are values below the normal

Intensity – it refers to the brightness or darkness of color. It gives color strength....
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