Elements of Religous Traditions Paper

Topics: Religion, Faith, God Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: July 16, 2013
Elements of Religious Traditions
Merritt Russell
REL/134 Version 2
June 18, 2013
Edward S. Kiely


Throughout reading the following paper on Elements of Religious Traditions, you will receive brief explanations on the aspect of religion, different types of religion, traditions and customs of early Native American religious cultures, and how many aspects of those beliefs are in many ways tied into some of the most popular religions existing today. You will also briefly receive explanations in how religious traditions describe and encourage the following relationships: * Relationship with the divine

* Relationship with sacred time
* Relationship with sacred space or the natural world
* Relationship with each other

Elements of Religious Traditions

Relationship with the Devine
While a relationship with the Devine may feel very un-tangible for some people, it can be very tangible for others. It can consist of vibrant relationships with God, or it can be more of a subtle more quiet method of having a relationship with God. Sometimes a relationship with God may feel one sided in the very beginning, however later on you might notice little changes that will enable you to become more aware of God’s presence within you. Some people may experience a physical sense when communicating with God, or they may ask God a question and receive a quick response through an unexpected source. Some people experience powerful events or even miracles in their lives. This can occur during times of hardship, sickness, or in death of somebody close to them. We all have our own unique way in how we relate to the Devine. There is no specific right or wrong method in how we do so.

Relationship with Sacred Time
Our daily lives take place in ordinary time, in which we view as moving forward into the future. However sacred time is “time of eternity”. Sacred time is cyclical, going back to its origins for renewal. By recalling and ritually reliving the...

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