Elements of Religious Traditions

Topics: Christianity, Religion, Deity Pages: 3 (723 words) Published: January 7, 2011
Religion is and will be one of the most studied and talked about subjects known to man. It can bring people together for common good or separate nations causing war and unrest around the world. Although a complex subject, some elements within religious traditions are similar and transcend individual religious sectors or religions themselves. The essay to follow will explore how some traditions within religions encourage relationships with the divine sacred time, scared places, as well as our relationships with one another as believers or practitioners of these religions. Relationship with the Devine

Before one can explore how religious traditions encourage ones relationship with the divine, one must explore what divine actually means. This may sound simple, but the phrase “the divine” has no one solid definition. For the purposes of this essay “the divine,” simply put, means something that transcends everything; an energy, force, or deity that has influence over the world and nature.

Using this definition, we can presume that religious traditions can encourage a relationship with these deities. For example, Christians often pray to God. Prayer is rooted in the belief that God can hear you and is always listening. The tradition of prayer promotes a relationship with God by making one feel as if he is always there for us. The use of prayer has also been known to hasten the recovery of sick and injured patients. Prayer is also linked to the Christians eternal life. Most Christians believe by maintaining a relationship with God, through prayer, guarantees their place in Heaven. Another reason or prayer is comfort. Many people use prayer to help them through difficult times in life. Although hard times seem the most appropriate times for prayer, it is also used as a way to thank God for all he has done and will do in one’s life. Many religions have a specific time for prayer and the thanking of God. Prayer encourages relationships with fellow believers by...
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