Elements of Religion Essay

Topics: God, Deity, Judaism Pages: 3 (779 words) Published: November 21, 2013
Elements of Religion Essay
Christopher Abish
March 6, 2012

Elements of Religion Essay
Modern Western religions are greatly varied, and inherently riddled with fallacies. Christianity, Judaism, and Islamic all have something in common, monotheism. Monotheism is a belief, or doctrine, that there is only one God (Unabridged, 2012). Monotheism also views sacred space as “Heaven”, or arguably other mythical locations; such as the Garden of Eden or “Hell”. Additionally, nearly any area, place or, thing that occupies or is occupied by “spirits” can also be construed as a sacred space. Monotheism views sacred time as linear; meaning there is a beginning and an end. Also, certain sects within monotheism view sacred time as circular or infinite. Monotheism looks at the divine as “God” or the primary being in which the religion is centered around. All these points having been listed, another remains; monotheism and the many fallacies within it. Within Christianity, the sacred space is viewed as a place in the afterlife. Heaven is a “place” reserved for those who are righteous and live by the doctrine of Christianity. While another sacred place “exists” within the same religion, Hell. Hell is a “place” where those who do not follow the doctrine of Christianity, or live an unrighteous life are condemned to. Alternatively, Christianity has several more sacred spaces. These spaces include the Garden of Eden, where man and woman were created. In addition to the Garden of Eden and other various sacred spaces in Christianity, the planet could very well be considered a sacred space. Earth, being created by God, is indeed a sacred space. Each religion has a sacred space, be it of this life or the next. Monotheism, however, tends to view sacred space strictly as a place reserved for God and its followers. Equally, there is the aspect of sacred time. Sacred time, as viewed by monotheism, is seen in a linear fashion. Time being linear means that there is a beginning...

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