Elements of Personality Development

Topics: Good and evil, Psychology, Religion Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: February 14, 2012
As personality is the combination of emotional, attitudinal and behavioral reactions of the individuals. So some factors which are essential to this development process are given below: * Ideological bases

* Knowledge and actions
* Sincerity in intentions and actions
* Sense of responsibility
* Fortitude
* Modesty (Haya)
* Moderation (Balance)
* Fear of God
* You should know the basic concept of the ideology of life that why you have subscribed in this world. * Your beliefs must be firm enough to reflect in your thoughts and actions. * You must know what truth is and what falsehood is and always try to get rid of your weaknesses that allow falsehood to sneak in.

* The knowledge that you have acquired from the concept of life should be reflect in your thoughts. * Truth and honesty is very important in your actions. If you don’t practice it you lose your credibility. * Try to avoid those situations where you tell a lie just for a short-term gain. * Avoiding obligations, duties and responsibilities will not give you peace of mind. So always give your 100% to carry-on your duties. SINCERITY IN INTENTION AND ACTIONS:

* According to our religion an action is interpreted in the light of the intention behind it. Sincerity in intentions and in actions is, therefore very important. * Action must be taken after the full awareness of our intention behind it. * We have to inspect, analyze and examine our intentions before taking actions.

* Each one of us is responsible for the welfare of others. We have to protect the interests of our family, sub-ordinates and colleagues. * Government is responsible for the safety and health of their citizens and their property. It should take all those steps that are in the favor of the citizens. * Same responsibility is on businessmen. They...
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