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Elements of Drama

1. script: the written dialogue, description, and directions provided by the playwright. 2. plot: the events of a play or arrangement of action, as opposed to the theme. 3. exposition: the part of a play that introduces the theme, chief characters, and current circumstances. 4. rising action: a series of events following the initial incident and leading up to the dramatic climax. 5. climax: the point of greatest intensity in a series or progression of events in a play, often forming the turning point of the plot and leading to some kind of resolution. 6. falling action: the series of events following the climax. 7. suspense: a feeling of uncertainty as to the outcome, used to build interest and excitement on the part of the audience. 8. theme: the basic idea of a play; the idea, point of view, or perception that binds together a work of art 9. setting: when and where the action of a play takes place. 10. language: in drama, the particular manner of verbal expression, the diction or style of writing, or the speech or phrasing that suggests a class or profession or type of character. 11. monologue: a long speech made by one actor; a monologue may be delivered alone or in the presence of others. 12. dialogue: spoken conversation used by two or more characters to express thoughts, feelings, and actions. 13. empathy: the capacity to relate to the feelings of another. 14. scenery: the theatrical equipment, such as curtains, flats, backdrops, or platforms, used in a dramatic production to communicate environment. 15. sound: the effects an audience hears during a performance to communicate character, context, or environment. 16. lights: the placement, intensity, and color of lights to help communicate environment, mood, or feeling. 17. makeup: costumes, wigs, and body paint used to transform an actor into a character. 18. props: short for properties; any article, except costume or scenery, used as part of a dramatic production; any moveable object...
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