Elements of Design

Topics: Design, Art director, Film crew Pages: 4 (1340 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Elements of Desig
ENG 225 Introduction to Film
Andrea Pfaff
February 25, 2013

Elements of Design
There are many elements involved in creating and envisioning a film’s production. The first time a director reads a script he is beginning to prepare for the film’s overall look. However, designing the film is not only the director’s job, there are many others involved in this process. In this paper, I will identify each of the artists involved in the design process and how they contribute to the film, explain how lighting is used to create a mood, and finally discuss how the mise en scene is created and why it is important. Joe Wright is the director of the film Pride & Prejudice (2005). From the first time he read the script Joe Wright knew that he needed to recreate this love story to express the understanding of love and the defeat of prejudice. After reading the script, he was not convinced this was a film he wanted to produce until he read the original novel by Jane Austen published in 1813.Our text describes the director’s role and responsibilities as “the person with the ultimate responsibility for the overall film. The director interprets script into personal vision and decides overall “look” with the production designer and cinematographer; directs actors and the action while shooting” (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011). During an interview with Joe Wright he describes casting the correct actors for the correct roles is the most important job that a director has. Joe Wright chose Kiera Knightly as the lead protagonist female role in this film because of her strong nature and dedication to her work. Overall the director sets the tone for the film and uses his creative vision to connect with his audience. The production designer also has a very important job from the beginning to the end of the film’s production. The production designer in the film Pride & Prejudice (2005) is Sarah Greenwood. Sarah has worked many times with Joe Wright and...

References: Goodykoontz, B. & Jacobs, C.P.  (2011) Film:  From Watching to Seeing. San Diego, CA, Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/books/AUENG225.11.2
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