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Elementry School Teacher Research Paper

By gkudlacik Apr 22, 2014 1640 Words
Grayson Kudlacik
Mrs. Herman
English 11
20 May 2013
What I Knew
Prior to my research I did know a few things about elementary teachers. I knew that teachers work the same schedule as a school year. Of course I knew that elementary teachers work with children all day. I also knew that in order to become a teacher that you need specific schooling. To become a teacher a college education is required, along with a degree of some kind. I am interested in the career because I love children and I would love to work with children. Also I am interested in helping children learn and grow. What I Have Learned

West Chester University is a college that is well known for its teaching programs. One interested in a career in Elementary Teaching might be interested in attending this school to earn a degree. Undergraduates participate in community-service that benefits children and their families. All programs offered at WCU are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. The Programs are also have been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. West Chester University’s programs offer varied opportunities for students. They allow students to observe and work with children. The Programs at WCU lead to field experience and teacher certification. A full time semester, which is about 12.18 credits will cost on average $4,310.05 (West Chester University.) West Chester University, like all other schools, has admission requirements for applying to their school. It is required that the applicant has completed the basic amount of high school core classes. This includes four years of English, three years of math, three years of lab sciences, and three years of social studies. The applicant must also score a 1020 or higher on the SATs. They must have a B or higher grade point average. Also they only accept the top 40% of a schools graduating class. All applicants must pay a $45 fee to submit their application (West Chester University.) Millersville University is another college that many students who want to become Elementary teachers attend. Millersville also requires four years of English, three years of math, three years of lab sciences, and three years of social studies in college preparatory classes. The average SAT scores of the Millersville students is 1540. Admission decisions are based on intellectual ability, academic achievement, and person qualities that will positively effect Millersville University. The university suggests that applicants submit a personal statement to help the admission committee understand what they can bring to the school. It is recommended that anyone applying to Millersville University submits their application early in their senior year (Millersville University.) Elementary school teachers have a specific job to do which is to teach their students. They must play lessons to help their students understand the material and then teach those lessons to the students. The teachers must assess their student's abilities by evaluating them with assignments and tests. Then they must grade the assignments given to the children to monitor their progress and see how well they are learning. They also have to work with children to overcome weaknesses and help them improve. As an elementary teacher it is their job to not only be in charge and take care of the students throughout the day but also to communicate with the parents. The teacher must inform the parents on how their children are doing and what their progress is. Another job that an elementary teacher has is to create and enforce classroom rules for their students. Lastly the teacher is responsible to help prepare their students for standardized tests by the state (“What Elementary School Teachers Do.”) To become an elementary school teacher there are certain requirements that one must meet. All teachers must pass a background check before becoming a teacher and being around children. Teachers of all states must have a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Some states require that they major in a content subject such as math or science. All states also require teachers to be licensed; however each state has a different test to certify their teachers. Some states require teachers to receive a master’s degree after passing the teaching license test. Elementary teachers must also complete annual professional development classes to keep their license. (“How To Become an Elementary School Teacher.”) Colleges are expensive however there are many scholarships available for students. One should consult with their school's financial aid office for up to date information about specific teaching scholarships in your area. Don’t overlook aid offered by schools or the state. Apply for scholarships where there are not a lot of other people applying. Smaller applicant pools mean less competition for those scholarships. Although the government gives out many scholarships, there are also many individually-run scholarships that are offered for students. A student going to school to be a teacher who is also female might be eligible for woman's scholarships and grants ("Available Scholarships for Teachers.") Different school teachers get paid different amounts of money and have different salaries depending on their situation. The Medial annual wage for an elementary teacher is $51,380 per year. the lowest 10% of teachers make less than $34,390 a year while the highest 10% make more than $80,140 a year. Teachers get paid on a salary not based on an hourly rate. Teachers work when children are present in the class
room but they also work outside of the classroom. They spend hours before and after school meeting with parents to discuss their children's progress. Also teachers spend extra time coming up with assignments and grading papers. The traditional work schedule for a teacher is ten months on and two months off. However there is a year round schedule which would be eight weeks on, one week off, and a five week mid winter break (“Pay.”) The job outlook for teachers is not certain but it is estimated to improve within the next few years. The employment rate for elementary teachers is expected to grow 17% from 2010 to 2020. The ratio of students to teachers is to decline, although the number of students it expected to grow the amount of job openings for teachers will grow with it. The enrollment increases vary with area. The South and West are expected to grow, the Midwest is to stay the same, and the North is expected to decline. The job employment, like many other jobs, depends on the government and the amount of founding that is given to the schools. The number of elementary jobs in the U.S. in 2010 was 1,655,800 and the expected number in 2020 is to be 1,937,200. (“Job Outlook.”) My Search Process

For my research paper I had to find information from difference sources to help me understand what elementary teachers do and how to become one. The first thing I did was find websites that gave me information to answer the questions I had. Then out of those web sites I had to go through and find out how credible they were and limit it down to the ten most creditable sources with the most useful information. After that I made source cards for those websites. On the other side of the source cards I wrote a brief summary and an evaluation of the website. Once that was done I had to narrow those ten down to five sources. I chose two websites about colleges, a website on scholarships, and two websites on what it is that teachers have to do. I wrote ten notes cards for each source, in total I wrote 50 note cards. From those 50 note cards I created a slug outline. I then turned the outline into a rough draft of that I had learned about elementary teachers.

What This Means to Me
While doing this research project I have developed as a researcher. Although there were many steps that had to be done they all proved to be helpful in doing the research for my topic. The process of doing a research paper was new to me because I have never done one before. The research process taught me how to find a lot more information then I would have been able to find and I helped me to utilize all the information to make my paper be longer and have more content. Learning how to properly check if a website is creditable will be a very useful skill to have. Now in future research that I do wither it is for a school paper or just research on something that interest me I can now make sure that the information that I do find will be accurate. Learning how to create a slug outline was one of the most useful things I learned while doing this paper. It helped me to organize all of the information that I had. It also helped me use all of the information instead of just the information that I could fit in. While doing this research paper I also learned many things about the MLA format that I didn’t previously know. I learned how to do proper citations and a proper work cited page. I know that I will have to do at least on research paper during my senior year of high school and some in college so doing this paper now has taught me a lot and helped me to prepare for the future. Not only did I learn about the topic I was researching but I also learned valuable tips on writing papers. Work Cited

“Available Scholarships for Teachers.” College Scholarships. n.p. n.d. Web. 28 April 2013. “Elementary and Early Childhood Education.” Millersville University. n.p. n.d. Web. 24 April 2013 “Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers.” Occupational Outlook Handbook. United States Dept. of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 29 March 2012. Web. 23 April 2013. “Elementary School Teacher Job Description.” Austin Peace Academy. n.p. n.d. Web. 23 April 2013. West Chester University of Pennsylvania. n.d. Web. 23 April 2013

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