Element Families

Topics: Periodic table, Carbon, Chemical element Pages: 3 (596 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Actinide Series
Lanthanide Series
Noble Gases
Transition Metals
Earth Alkali
Columns on the Periodic Chart are referred to as _________ of elements. -Families
Families of Elements are similar in at least what three ways? -Charge, Electron configuration, Electron dot diagram, also they have similar properties What are the 3 properties of the Alkali family?

-Soft, Shiny, Very reactive
Compare the Alkali's to the Alkali Earth metals. What is the difference in their properties? Why is there a difference? -They have the same properties but not as strong. It is harder to drop two electrons. List four of the transition metals properties.

-Shiny, hard, dense, bends and holds its shape, conducts electricity, conducts heat, corrodes The only "orphan" element on the chart ____________ .
If both B^5 and Al^13 are s^2p^1,s why is Boron a nonmetallic metalloid and Al a metallic metalloid? -Boron has fewer total electrons so it is less inclined to give them away. The Carbon family elements radically change in their individuals properties. How do they change from C to Pb? -It goes from non-metal to metalloid to metals

What factor cause these changes in the Carbon family? Explain. -Size of the atoms
In summary, what two major factors strongly affects the properties of any single element or any family of elements on the chart? -Structure, Size
Carbon’s 2s2 2p2 orbital rearrange to bond in four different directions, what is the name of this shape? Sketch it. - Tetrahedral

Carbon forms long chains with itself, this is referred to as __________. In industry, this process is called___________. Examples of these substances would be: ___________and___________. -Catenation, Polymerization, Plastic, Nylons

Carbon is very user-friendly and therefore predominantly found in the chemistry of living things, this chemistry is called__________ chemistry. -Organic
Halogen means "salt-forming" and the halogen family...
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