Electronics Laboratory Report.

Topics: Voltage divider, Resistor, Electrical impedance Pages: 4 (991 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Laboratory Long report.

Electronic laboratory practice

The aim of this laboratory was to make us familiar with how to use the different types of electronic equipment and how to accurately use them to make measurements. The equipment used in this laboratory included: (i) the signal generator which was used to supply the power used in the various procedures, (ii) The oscilloscope which was used to view and record the waves produced from the AC currents and then make relevant calculations based on that. (iii) The DC power supply was used in the first two procedures which involved using the resistors. (iv) Familiarised with the multimeter and used it to take measurements (v) the experiment board which was used to do create most of the circuits and take the necessary measurements.

Procedure 1: The measurement of resistance.

The resistances of the 5kΩ and 22kΩ resistors were found using the theory and by taking the actual readings. The resistances of the resistors were first measured by comparing the colour bands on the resistors to the colour code chart provided. The procedure for this is: there are four bands on each of the resistors, and each colour on the band denotes a specific number on the resistor colour code chart, which gives us the significant figure and the multiplier which is in powers of 10. The values using the colour code were calculated and found to be as follows. * 5.1kΩ with a ±5% tolerance

* 21kΩ with ±10% tolerance.
These nominal values are the ones that are calculated but in reality the actual values of resistance can be a bit different from the ones calculated due to impurities. The actual resistances are measured by using a multimeter, the way this is done is that the resistors are mounted on an experiment board and then the multimeter is connected right across it. The values were recorded and found to be as follows: * 5.037kΩ

* 21.047kΩ
| Nominal value| Actual value|
5kΩ resistor| 5.1kΩ ±5%...
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