Electronic Voting System

Topics: Voting, Election, Voting system Pages: 4 (1243 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Chapter I

Rationale of the Study
Information Technology has developed to be essential for the universal status quo. It is deeply influencing the lives of many people in the society. As a tool, it opened new gateway in doing things particularly voting process in the organization. Every Organization performs elections but majority still used the conventional process which is manual procedure. Nowadays, technology arises to solve a problem with technical solution. All of the transactions and processes are done in computerized way due to the new technological processes that was use. People utilized standardized transactions because of its fast, handy way process, hassle-free and easy. Today, manual process was still used but as of modernization for voting procedures is deal with. In promoting hassle-free and automated voting procedure a system must be projected. The increase demands of the users and because of improvement the process of voting should automated. To realize the objectives of organization in terms of organized voting, the Direct Recording Electronic Voting System was proposed. In this kind of manual voting process the constrain, were the counting of votes and after elections, the declaration of votes takes a long period of time, because numerous votes are in-line for counting process. Another constrain also, the voters doesn’t fill up ballots completely, this scenario will lead to vote counting inaccuracy thus manual process of voting is not efficient procedure; it really needs to be developed into an computerized process. The researchers came up with the study to develop the Direct Recording Electronic Voting System. The system can help and benefit the organization to solve the problems encountered in using manual voting process. Voting system must implement to have an organized and faster election system and to avoid unnecessary materials. At the same time, it helped students and teachers to minimize their delay of class after the...
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