Electronic Store Information System in the Example of Small Electronıc Shop Runned by Jım Yahya

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JIM’s Electronic store is a small privately-run business owned by Mr Jimm Yahya. They specialise in sales of electronic like microwave, television, washing machine, laptop, play stations, refrigerators etc. The business is a subsidiary for only one product supplier Philips. They have managed to build a good customer base in Girne.

Profits are made by the means of sales of goods through local advertising and promotions. In spite of the customer based engaged by Jimm sales are still recorded manually and it is difficult to calculate business profit, stock re-ordering and customer documentation due to the limitation of paper/manual filling system. Due to the on-going expansion of the business of introducing more product makes like Samsung, Sony and LG, Mr Jimm Yahya has decided to invest on a comprehensive Recording and Stocking information system that will provide adequate stocking and prompt re-ordering process, customers on guarantee and also to keep track of business cash flows and profits. The Electronic Store information System is a system that contains and provides access to computerized records of products and sales of a store. The Information System includes the inputs and outputs that are generated as well as reports for the manager to make effective decision making. The system contains information of customers with guarantee offers, suppliers of different electronic s, invoices of purchased goods, and the stock of all items for sales. The electronic store serves the purpose of sales of various electronics such as TV, Play Stations, and Laptops etc which provides comfort to the consumer. As a business, the income of the store is dependent on people purchasing electronic products and how many products are sold thereby bringing about customer satisfaction. A database which is a structured collection of related data is produced using access 2003, this stores the records of the products and models, the suppliers, the customers, the invoices. This helps to track product that needs to be re-ordered and also to ensure that profit is made extensively. The Information System collects product details such as: Brand, Product, Model, Size, Price, Stock, Guarantees made, suppliers information and also the system stores the details of customer records such as the time or date of Purchase made by each customer, the reorder time & date.

In other to propose an information system, there is a great need to critically analyze the existing system. An interview was conducted with Mr Jimm and a list of topics for discussions drawn up prior to the interview. These include: • The precise objectives of the new system

• The problems and weaknesses encountered in the manual system • The information that needs to be kept regarding each products • The method of recording and stocking of sold and purchased goods • The required output of the new system

• Any hardware or software preference
• The volume of data to be stored(e.g. products details, customers details, payment details and suppliers details) 1.3 SUMMARY OF INTERVIEW
To this end of the interview method to gather the information from an Electronic Store in Kyrenia branch and we observed the following: 1. Only one product brand are been sold
2. The reports are done manually
3. The records of product sold are kept manually
At the end of the interview we observed that the Electronic stores has no existing record system and that all operations like how many products sold, the remaining products in the stores and which products need re-ordering. Are done manually which brings about so any limitations to the store and manager. 1.4 PROBLEMS OF THE NEW SYSTEM

The following are the limitations of the existing system:
• Poor documentation of records sold thereby leading to the unaccountability of purchases made...
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