Electronic Mourning

Topics: Funeral, Cemetery, Funeral home Pages: 4 (1536 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Cady Crofoot
Noah Tysick
English 110
March 25, 2013
Electronic Mourning
Technology is unquestionably not a new concept in this modern day society. Almost every business that a customer walks into is run by technology in some way. A business that most do not relate to technology though, is the funeral home industry. Of course people don’t enjoy visiting funeral homes and facing the death of a loved one and the potential high costs that can go with laying them to rest. Funerals are no longer traditional and standard, thanks to technology now funeral services can be tailored to fit the individual and make it so much more personal, then ever before. The new age of technology in funeral homes could potentially ease the mourning process for families and increase the work flow for funeral directors. Death can be a very hard and stressful time on families, but technology may be able to help relieve the stress just a little bit. It would be impossible to talk about all of the advancements and new technology that has evolved. One of the more popular technologies that’s beginning to catch on is the live streaming of funerals over the internet. This can be very beneficial for family members who want to say goodbye, but cannot attend because of travel cost, illness or other issues. With just a small camera and internet connection funeral directors can record the entire services and stream it live over the internet. After the service if the families would like a copy of the service, the funeral director can then burn the stream to a DVD. “It’s truly a way through a virtual manner that you can have a much larger support group at the time of death than you could before,” explained funeral director Gregory Lubrano. Another aspect that has become very popular and also involves DVDS, is a picture slideshow dedicated to celebrating the life of a lost loved one. Many services that family and friends walk into now can see either a projector screen or TV playing a slide...

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